9th Sep 2010 – Gandigunta

Jaya Guru Datta !!!

HH  Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji visited the Datta Rameswaram Ashrama in Manginapudi beach. There, Sri Swamiji inaugurated “Kriya Yoga Dhyana Kuteera Malika” – a cottage complex for visiting Kriya Yoga Sadhakas. Late afternoon, Sri Swamiji left for Vijayawada Ashram. En route, Sri Swamiji made a brief halt in Gandigunta “Datta Digambara Ashrama”.

HH Sri Swamiji offered arati to Sri Anagha devi Sametha Datta Digambara idols,followed by Sri Swamiji’s speech .

Sri Swamiji expressed happiness in the development in the Ashrama. The new “Shobhanadri Hall” – an air conditioned culture complex has been completed.

Pujya Sri Swamiji Says, Follow The Master – (Sadguru – A Guide):

“Some persons ask whether Swamiji creates anything. Swamiji does not do anything against nature’s law. Some say that Swamiji drove a car without petrol, but Swamiji does not do such things always. If one has a revolver, should one go on firing always? One uses it only when one is in danger. In the same way, miracles may take place as and when necessary.”



Pujya Sri Swamiji arrives in Shobhanadri Hall in Gandigunta Ashrama  Sri Swamiji speaks in Shobhanadri Hall in Gandigunta's Datta Digambara Ashrama