6th January 2012 – Gandigunta

Jaya Guru Datta !!!

On 6th January 2012, HH Sri Ganapathi Sachichidananda Swamiji Visited Datta Digambara Temple, Gandigunta. Upon arrival, Sri Swamiji was warmly received by the members of the Gandigunta Ashrama.Sri Swamiji  offered Arati to the  Dattatreya (Datta Digambara avatar) and Anagha Devi idols.

On the occasion of Hanuman Chalisa Sapthaha Ghana Yagnam , HH Sri Ganapathi Sachichidananda Swamiji given message to devotees and performed Purnahuti to Hanuman homam.

HH Sri Ganapathi Sachichidananda Swamiji expressed happiness in the development and community activities in the Ashrama. HH Sri Swamiji blessed committee and given directions on the future activities.

His Holiness was accompanied by Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamy (Sri Bala Swamiji) in this tour.

Pujya Sri Swamiji Says, God Word II, Chanting the name of God:

“One should never feel shy while chanting the name of Lord. You must utilize energy for such holy act. You misuse your energy for fights at home and office. You must think of Lord whenever there is free time. What do we do? We drink coffee, sit on a a chair and gossip about others. Even while traveling by a bus or a car one can chant the names of the Lord. But what do we do? We gossip there also, even beating the sound of traffic, or you sleep carelessly. We should always feel we are related to the Lord.”