International Yoga Day at Datta Digambara Temple ,Gandigunta – 21st June 2015

“Established in Yoga, giving up attachment, and with evenness of mind in success and failure, perform actions, O Arjuna.  This evenness of mind is known as Yoga.”

Arjuna said: “O Krishna, this Yoga of evenness which has been declared by You,

I do not see its firm endurance, owing to unsteadiness (of the mind).”

“The mind, verily is, O Krishna, restless, turbulent, strong, and obstinate.  Its control I deem very difficult to achieve, like that of the wind.”

The Blessed Lord said:  “Doubtless, O Mighty-armed, the mind is restless and difficult to control, but it can be controlled, O son of Kunti, by practice and detachment.”

— Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga is one of the respected means accepted for the achievement of Self-unfoldment.  But memorizing “Yogasutras” (Yoga principles) serves no purpose.  Hunger cannot be appeased by mere book knowledge of cookery.  In a similar way, no one can achieve the goal, viz, realization of the Self by merely expounding how “Rechaka” (exhalation) and “Puraka” (inhalation) are to be done and the manner of performing various asanas (postures).  Stay free from the trammels of the body, mind, and intellect.  Continuous and regular practice alone can lead the seeker to the desired goal.

The International Yoga Day was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in  Datta Digambara temple,Gandigunta on 21st June 2015 from 830am to 2pm. Organized by the SGSGBS Gandigunta and Sri Venkateswara Yoga Seva Kendram, Vuyyuru.

Special invitees who participated in the event included  Sri Y.V.B.Rajendra Prasad MLC, Sri Jampana Purnachandra Rao Municipal Chairman, Vuyyuru and other dignities.

A Yoga Rally was organized in Gandigunta and Vuyyuru streets to create awareness about YOGA among the people.Nearly 200 people participated in this program.

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