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Sri Anagha Devi Sametha Datta Digambara Kshetram


Gandigunta is a village, where agriculture is the main occupation. This village is situated on the road from Vijayawada to Machilipatnam at a distance of 20 kilometers from Vijayawada.His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji visited Gandigunta for the first time on 15th February 1988,upon the invitation of Sri Venkata Subba Rao Nadella. In the year 1989, His Holiness Sri Swamiji started the Ashram in Gandigunta and it was registered as Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Gnana Bodha Sabha Trust.

His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji an incarnation of lord Dattatreya took the divine determination to consecrate sixteen Dattatreya temples relating to the incarnations of Dattatreya. In that lineage the thirteenth Kshetram namely Anagha Devi Sametha (and ) Datta Digambara was consecrated in Gandigunta Ashram on On 17th January 1991 in a spectacular way.Later on Jan 17 ,2004 , Sri Swamiji consecrated Navagraha Temple.

Lord Dattatreya took 16 Avatars (incarnation). One of the incarnation is Datta Digambara.Datta Digambara Avatar took place on Kartika Bahula Dwitiya, Friday, Mrug Nakshatra, at sunrise.

Lord Vishnu appeared before Atri Maharshi as a boy on the Kartik Vadya 2, Mrug Nakshatra, Friday at sun-rise on the first muhurta. He looked bluish as Indranil in colour.His face was pleasant as the moon, his four hands possessed shankha, chakra, gada and padma.Vibhuti was applied on his body and he had locks of hair on his head. He appeared saying, “Dattoham”. Atri Maharshi and Anasuya Mata said, “We shall not be content till you take birth from us.” Being pleased with their speech, he entered in the heart of Atri as a spark of lightning and afterwards took birth as a son of Anasuya Mata.

Follow the path of truth, simplicity and righteousness ~ Ashrama – Gandigunta Ashrama ~ 9 Sep 2015 from Puttu Gam on Vimeo.

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